A high performance butane jet lighter flame is directed at holes in front of a specially designed bowl.

To adjust the lighter, use a small flathead screwdriver. Turn clockwise to reduce flame, counterclockwise to increase flame. Caution: The safety in jet lighters can be delicate, adjust in small increments and test. For best performance we strongly recommend using the following premium butane: Vector®, Colibri®, or Dunhill®

The holes on the face of the bowl have been carefully designed to work as a flame arrestor. This allows air to pass through the holes collecting the heat from the flame without having flame enter the bowl. The heated air is then passed through the contents of the bowl extracting the essential oils. Also, the stem of the bowl has been designed to take the majority of particles that may pass through a screen and deposit them into the ashcatcher. This unique feature produces a much cleaner and cooler smoking experience.


This piece triggers the lighter. Proper placement when reassembling is important for correct operation.

The ashcatcher of the Vape-or-Smoke has been designed to capture the majority of small particles that have passed through the pipe screen. This reduces irritation to the throat and lungs.

The mouthpiece features a 90 degree turn when engaged during use. This design helps diminish the amount of particles inhaled, once again reducing irritation to the throat and lungs.


Using a screen will help reduce particle buildup and frequency of cleanings.

Diffuser Screen
Diffuser Screen
The diffuser screen works to moderate temperature in the bowl. Vaporization is more easily accomplished when the diffuser screen is installed properly.



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