How to Vaporize

How Vaporizing Works:
Vaporization or Vaping occurs when tobacco reaches a high enough temperature to extract essential oils and other ingredients without combustion.

Vaporizing with Vape-Or-Smoke:
The Vape-Or-Smoke works by passing heated air through the tobacco. The flame from the butane lighter heats the air that enters the bowl but does not penetrate the holes in the bowl. When inhaling through the mouthpiece, hot air passes through the holes in the bowl where it heats the tobacco hot enough to create a vapor.

Tips for vaporizing without creating smoke:
If the air reaches too high a temperature around the tobacco, it will burn and create smoke instead of vapor. To successfully vape there are 4 important adjustments you can make.

  1. Make sure your tobacco is loaded properly. It should be loosely packed and completely below the holes in the bowl.
  2. Adjust the flame. The flame should be at a low setting. Turn the flame down until it is a rounded cone shape flame but not so low that the flame bounces.
  3. Adjust your breathing. Breathing faster or slower can change not only how long the air is heated but also how long the air heats the tobacco.
  4. Insert the included diffuser screen. The diffuser screen helps keep the air temperature down that passes through the holes in the bowl. Click for instructions
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