The atomizer cartridge allows you to vaporize E-Cigarette liquids or liquid shisha. It uses the hot air coming from the torch to heat a fine stainless steel mesh to a given temperature. The liquid that is on the mesh is then turned to a vapor without burning. You should always start slowly with a low flame setting and work your way to your desired level. This cartridge allows the user to inhale a very large volume of vapor or steam if desired.


If the bowl has been used with dry tobacco, the unit should be cleaned before use and screens removed. Lightly lubricate the O-ring with water (Do not use anything that can give off toxins when heated). Insert the atomizer into the bowl as shown.

Push the atomizer all the way into the bowl. Check that all the holes in the front of the bowl are clear and clean. You should not be able to see the O-ring through the holes.


Step 1: With the atomizer installed, open the cover and add 2-3 drops of liquid directly into the hole on top of the atomizer. Wait for the liquid to absorb into the mesh before adding more drops. (Make sure no liquid gets on the holes in the front of the bowl. This can lead to burning and foul taste.)

Step 2: Close the cover.
Step 3: Use device as normal. Start with a lower flame and short inhale times. By adjusting the flame and the speed you inhale, you can get more or less vapor. Very important: While in use, it is helpful to rotate the unit to the side so that the bowl is facing downward. This will keep liquid in the cartridge not the mouthpiece.
Step 4: As the amount of vapor slows this shows you need to refill. Add no more than 5 drops at a time letting it soak into the mesh. Wipe any overspill out of the bowl. Overfilling can result in un-vaporized liquid spilling out the mouthpiece.


To remove the atomizer cartridge, insert the poker through the bottom of the bowl and push up gently.


When not in use, the atomizer cartridge stores conveniently underneath the Vape-Or-Smoke chassis.

2010 Vape-Or-Smoke